5 Major Benefits of Geo Fencing Feature of GPS

benefits of geo fencing

GPS technology and its uses among people are continuously growing since its quest. If we talk about GPS tracking solution for vehicles, it offers many advanced features which assist fleet managers and transport companies to run their business more effectively. Geo fencing is also one of the advance features of GPS tracking solution which defines the boundaries for a vehicle.

With the feature of Geo Fencing the fleet admin can set a locality for a particular vehicle. Whenever the vehicle goes out of the area set by the admin, the GPS software gets an alert message which directly goes to the admin. This feature has many advantages for the car rental and other transport companies. Some of the major benefits of Geo fencing are follows-

Restrict Vehicle Use: By using this feature feet admin can detect when the car has been out of their designated area. The operator can notify the driver about the excess use of the vehicle. Most of the times drivers use the vehicle for their own uses and with Geo fencing this can be stopped.

Increase Safety: For a transport company, it is very important to track the vehicle at every point. It is not necessary that driver is misusing the vehicle deliberately, there can be chances of some misshapen or unwanted situations. In this case you can contact the driver and send the required assistance.

Resource Tracking: With this feature the fleet admin can identify the actual positions of all the resources on the appropriate driving areas. The admin can easily know that how much time has been spent on important locations.

Cost saving: Geo fencing is one of the best cost saving techniques for the car rental companies. Drivers often travel in unnecessary areas and misuse the vehicle for personal use, which is very harmful for the company and wastes time and money. By using a GPS device and its Geo fencing feature it can be easily prevented.

Report updation: The Geo fencing technology is also helpful for fleet managers in updating the report. By this feature the company can know the places where the vehicle run for maximum time. How many times the car went outside of the area and which location is more involving for the company. So, Geo fencing helps admin to get constant data about particular locations.

A GPS tracking device has many features for assisting a company and Geo fencing is also one of them. It helps in cost saving by restricting the vehicle. For more details and updates, stay in touch with us.