5 things you can do with a GPS Tracker solution

5 things about GPS

Ever wondered, what all you can do with a GPS Tracker? We are sure, you do not know about these uses of a GPS Tracker solution. You can track your family members, your car or your loved ones in minutes with MyGuardian GPS Tracker and get information on your smart-phone. Just install the device in your car, get software in your smart-phone and you are ready to track, manage and control your car.

When your kid is in school, know when he left or entered the school and ensure his safety with geo-fence feature of MyGuardian GPS Solution. If your kid will go out of prescribed area, you will receive a mail/SMS on your phone.

If you have a business like Car Rental, Fleet or Logistics, manage all the cars with one fleet management software and track location.

If your son or daughter drives car to college, monitor that he is not driving fast by tracking his car speed limit on MyGuardian GPS Tracker.

Unfortunately, if your car meets with an accident, by login to historic data in MyGuardian, know the path followed by the car and you can also resume evidence for legal proceedings.

If your family member is in a car driven by chauffeur and you find out that your family is in danger, you can remotely stop the car with one command on the software.

Now you are familiar with the uses of a GPS Tracker solution, so to sum up, these are real time location, accident detection, fuel and mileage detection, engine block and many more. Stay tuned for more updates!