10 benefits of GPS Tracking for Fleet Managers and Car Rentals


GPS Fleet tracking offers numerous advantages to fleet managers, administrators, and drivers. Here are few points which elaborate the benefits of GPS Tracking for a business.

1) Cut Fuel Costs
Whether you have five vehicles in your fleet or 50, fuel expenses is always an important matter. GPS tracking offers various chances to cut the expense of fuel from using more fuel effective routes to help drivers not using highly traffic packed routes.

2) Customer Service
Who doesn’t need happy clients? GPS Fleet Tracking system helps you predict exact pick up or drop time resulting no waiting time for customers. This accuracy in service makes your business a preferred one for that particular customer.

3) Enhanced Route Efficiency
Unplanned roistering cost you big chunks of money to the companies. If it is picking up a person on the way or dropping all employees across the town, it sis important to plan and know the route. If unplanned it may cost more fuel cost, more man hours for the driver and may be overtime cost for employees. Through GPS Tracking and Monitoring driver allocation can be planned according to the nearest available driver.

4) Decreased Labour Costs
Planning the routes help in increased productivity and decreased labour cost. This is not just when you have multiple drivers. Even if it is applied to one driver or multiple drivers, improved efficiency will reduce the labour cost.

5) Driver Safety
Even if your driver is not willing to have GPS Tracking solution in the vehicle, it is a fact that tracking improves driver performance and safety. As monitoring speed limit is also possible by such solutions, the vehicle driver will certainly try to maintain the prescribed speed limit resulting into enhanced safety of the driver, vehicle and the passenger.
In addition to it, it is also helpful if there are any complaints against driver regarding timely pick-up/drop. The admin can check the exact timings when driver reached the place and path followed by him.

6) Prevents Theft and helps Vehicle Recovery
In case of any theft, with the GPS Tracking solution, the stolen vehicle can be traced and recovered. With some solutions even Engine can be blocked remotely in case of embezzlement. Losing your truck or goods delivery vehicle will certainly cause loss of money and increase hassle. Hence in such a condition the solution can be very beneficial.

7) Maintenance requirement info
A very important aspect of using GPS Tracking solution is that it tracks the fuel economy of the vehicle hence the admin can monitor which vehicle is not delivering proper mileage. Send the affected vehicle for maintenance and get the vehicle repaired.

8) Increases Driver Productivity
By planning the routes in initial phase and refraining from unnecessary time lapse, the drivers wiill abe able to work more in less time spent. This way they will be able to do more work in duration of the day.

9) Easy to record and manage
The GPS Tracking solution comes embedded with software which keeps the track of all the pick-ups/drops, driver info, work hours , vehicle use, fuel refilling, mileage etc. If not done with the software these informations are to be recorded manually, which is a tedious task.

10) Risk Management
In case of accident, with some GPS Tracking solutions, the admin can check the path followed by the vehicle which it met with the accident. The admin can even see the time and the speed when the vehicle collided with the other vehicle.