Catch Vehicle Thieves with GPS Tracking Device

Catch Vehicle Thieves with GPS Tracking

Vehicle theft incidents are increasing day by day and it is common in every country of the world. It is essential to protect the vehicles and keep them safe. Vehicle thieves do not miss any chance to steal your precious car so it is more significant to discover a good vehicle recovery system.

GPS trackers have been used as a good vehicle protection system for years, and we have heard many stories about how GPS helped a person in getting his stolen car or how thieves ran away after finding a GPS system in the vehicle. Now most of the car rental companies install GPS trackers in their cars to give their customers a reliable and effective service as well as theft protection of assets and car.

Are you Buying a Car? Protect it with GPS

Purchasing a new car is actually a big investment and that is the reason why ensuring its safety is essential. You can decrease the chances of theft by installing a GPS tracker.
GPS trackers are equally reliable for personal, public and business vehicles and should be installed in all of these. Whatever actions performed by thieves with the vehicle; the car owner will get an instant alert about all suspicious activities with the vehicle. The car owner can take further actions to track and catch vehicle thieves with GPS.

How Dogma Guardian Assists in Vehicle Protection

Dogma Guardian is a perfect solution to catch vehicle thieves by GPS. It is a vehicle tracking solution, which can be installed in vehicles for their management and monitoring. Let’s find out how it will help in catching vehicle thieves

• Dogma Guardian has the feature of Geo fencing by which you can set a locality for vehicle movement. If the car runs outside of this area, you will get an alert about suspicious activity.

• In the case your vehicle is stolen, you can track the location of the vehicle and can block the engine as well if the car stops at some specific place. After that you can recover the vehicle with the help of the Police.

• By using Dogma Guardian, you can get alerts for wrong vehicle path, location, too much halts or uneven speed. All these are signs for misuse of your vehicle. In this case, contact with your car driver.

Dogma Guardian is available for cars, trucks, vans, buses and for bikes as well. Contact us for more information and details on this device and stay in touch with us for more features and stories.