Factors affecting Fleet Management cost in an organization

Associations apportion a significant budget in watching employee transportation. Some have an in-house armada of vehicles while others depend on outsider transport suppliers to satisfy their needs. For organizations, regarding the transport of employees, the administration of the expense is a basic need. Employee transportation framework which usually consumes a large chunk of money for oil costs and high-cost transportation arrangements has forced the organizations to re-evaluate their cost plan and strategies.

Here’s a list of the main reasons for increased cost of transportation in organizations.

1. Inefficient Fleet usage
2. Improper route plan
3. Improper resource plan
4. Real time Ad-Hoc changes

Rising fuel costs do add to the cost however companies have no control on them.

With all these components adding to expanded cost, “Proper Route Map” comes up as an answer. It is important to see how Routing helps in bringing down the expense and amplify usage?

Generally, Routing is a calculation which considers the staff pickup/drop time, max time of travel that an employee can travel, distance between pick-up points etc as inputs and produces a precise and ideal routing map. Routing makes effective plan making best use of vehicle types and pick ups/drops so decrease the number of travels. This outcomes in ideal usage of the fleet while bringing about immense expense funds. Routing can actually help you get best possible path, resulting lesser travel time, increased productivity and cost saving up to 30%.

Employee well-being is ought to be the first priority for companies. Routing plan can help in ensuring that a female staff is never the first pick-up or the last drop.

To ensure that your employee reaches home safely and on time, there is yet another way of monitoring – Fleet Management by GPS Tracking solution. A GPS Tracking solution is a combination of a GPS Tracking device and a software solution. The GPS Tracking device is installed in the vehicle, when the vehicle is moving the device can communicate with the software and tell its path and location in real time and on demand basis. The admin can check the location, path, speed, fuel and mileage of the vehicle on his mobile phone, PC or Tablet. If in case the driver is taking the vehicle to some unwanted place, the admin can block the engine from the software and stop him from taking the vehicle further. Contact us for more information on our GPS Tracking solution.