How GPS can help you protect Assets and Inventory


Your inventory certainly includes valuable goods and products which hold a good value for your business. In order to keep them safe while transporting it from one place to another, you have few options. One trust the driver and second use technology to keep them safe. When a vehicle is on road, its safety can not be predicted but it can be tracked.

GPS Tracking solutions are a way to monitor and track the location of the vehicle carrying your inventory. It is an advanced security measure which is widely accepted by businesses.

How GPS Is Used for Business Purposes

GPS is progressively valuable for organizations who wish to track fleet. Numerous organizations utilize discretely-put GPS devices in vehicles with the goal that they can monitor their employee conduct. A fleet manager can see when vehicles unmoving for more than-anticipated times, and in addition when unwanted routes are taken.

Organizations additionally utilize GPS following to facilitate shipments or administration orders. They can better advise beneficiaries with precise entry times. In addition to it, if long travel is required, a business can inform the other party about the arrival of the consignment in advance, nullifying the waiting time.

The most effective method to Track Inventory with GPS

Security is particularly critical when an organization trusts its products in the hands of an unmonitored driver. Including the costs connected with the truck itself, your vehicle could be pulling profitable load. GPS Tracking device regularly communicates information to the dispatcher so that he or she knows where a vehicle is, on which route it is going and speed of the travel.

Numerous GPS Tracking solutions are furnished with an “identify driver” feature. While with some, the admin can block the engine remotely and do the Assets and Inventory Tracking. MyGuardian GPS Tracking solution boasts features like Location Tracking in Real Time, Geo-fencing, Fuel and mileage monitoring, Accident detection, and stop engine remotely. By using an extension, MyGuardian device can be used for “identifying Driver” also. For taking a free demo of our software, please write to us at