Rent Monthly MyGuardian 11 for Bike

 1,000 + Tax

MyGuardian is the solution with GPS Tracking Device and the Application Software. Track and manage your fleet in Real Time. Receive the real time location data of your fleet, when they are thousands miles away from you. Monitor the Stop/Start status of vehicle along with the information of the route they are taking and the direction of their movement, all with the help of our varied GPS Tracking Device.

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Product Description

  • Location: Always get to know the location of your vehicle
  • Engine Block: activate function in case of misappropriate use of the vehicle
  • Traceability: can trace the geographic path, up to 24 months
  • Geo-fencing: can delineate the area within which the vehicle is allowed to move
  • Auto-geo-fencing: In a case when the car is moved outside the predetermined area, the engine gets off
  • Mileage: has odometer for measuring the covered distance
  • Programmable alarms: constantly informs the user of any irregularities
  • Acquisition GPS and I/O
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Intelligent algorithm for data acquisition (time, distance, angle, power-based events)
  • Sending data via GPRS (TCP / IP or UDP / IP)
  • Intelligent algorithm for GPRS connections
  • Operation roaming (ability to enable and disable)
  • Event Monitor I / O and sending SMS or GPRS
  • Can set up-to 5 geofence zones (rectangular or circular)
  • Mode “deep sleep” (to save the car battery)
  • Firmware update via GPRS
  • Alarms in case of speeding or trespassing
  • Motion sensor
  • Ability to identify the driver remotely with iButton.

  • Quad-band 900 / 1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz
  • GPRS class 10 (up to 85.6 kbps)
  • SMS (Text / data)
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated GPS Device

  • Digital input reserved for the ignition control of the medium
  • 2 digital inputs
  • 1 analog input range up to 10V or 30V
  • Wire protocol
  • USB port
  • Upload firmware and configuration via Web or USB
  • External GPS antenna