Real Time GPS Vs Passive GPS System

vehicle monitoring with GPS

We all know that GPS tracking solution is used for fleet management and vehicle tracking. This vehicle tracking solution is commonly used for professional and personal usages both.
For corporate sector, a GPS tracking device is the perfect solution to keep their business vehicles safe and away from theft. Many businesses use this device to track their employees, like how much employees are using office cars, the places where employees are going and other misuses of the office vehicle.

real time and passive gps

If we talk about private use, then parents can use it in family vehicles to track their children for their safety and for tracking the driver. All in all, GPS tracker is useful in present scenario for everyone.
If we talk about the types of a GPS device, then broadly we can categorize it in real time GPS and passive GPS. Both have their own procedures. In passive GPS system all the information about vehicle are stored in the device and user can analyze it later. User does not require to pay any monthly subscription fee in passive system as this system does not show any real time data. A Passive GPS tracking system is the economical way to track and manage the fleet with some restrictions.

While on other hand, there is Real time GPS tracker which is really getting more popular with every day. A real time tracker generally connected with a monitoring software and consume wireless or satellite communication to collect real time information form the device. Real time GPS system shows the current data about the vehicle so it is helpful in safety and security of the automobile. With the real time tracking system we can trace the current speed, locality and path of the car and get the alert message if it runs on wrong path or with over speed. Real time GPS tracking device is very helpful for companies like cab services, logistics or transport services because they need to track every vehicle, their current position and location to ensure the protection of passengers and assets.

Both the devices has their own benefits and requirements. In present many people and companies are looking for a way to easy fleet management and GPS tracking is the perfect way to do it simply. It is up to you to choose the best device according to your needs.