Reasons why GPS Tracking System is Compulsory in School Transport in India

GPS compulsory in school transport

When we talk about any transport medium, the main concern is safety and security of the passengers. Unfortunately, India’s road safety record is among the worst in the world. Adults are still capable of finding an escape in odd situations, while children fall prey to road accidents. The most common transport medium for children is their School Bus and Van. In the case of School transport, bus drivers and conductors hold the highest accountability for any mishap.

Dogma GPS in School bus

Children cannot drive, Parents cannot accompany kids to school, then what is the way out to be safe?

In an order from Supreme Court and CBSE, it is mandatory for the school transport to have a GPS Tracking system and Camera installed inside the vehicle. The schools are responsible for keeping passengers safe and keep parents updated about any delays or routing of buses.

There are several reasons which make these directions from authorities an important step towards ensuring the safety of children on the way to school.


1. Student Safety

Parents rely on school transport for commuting by their children, while school relies on the bus driver and the vehicle. A GPS Tracking system provides the power to monitor the location of the bus and the speed at which the bus is moving. Modern GPS systems also provide the traffic information, so the driver can choose the best route for traveling.

2. Constant Monitoring and Management
The GPS Tracking system allows the administration of the school to monitor the speed at which the vehicle is moving, the route taken by the driver, brakes, halts etc. This information is an important data in ensuring that driver is following the safety rules and timetable. If the driver is found violating the rules, the admin can take the necessary actions.

3. Reports and Records
Apart from Speed and Location, an efficient GPS Tracking system provides a bundle of useful information such as hours when the bus engine was On/Off, Re-fuelling record, Mileage, AC On/OFF, Route, halts affecting school reaching time etc. The admin can monitor, if the driver is making the appropriate use of the transport medium or if there is any miss-use of the resource.

4. Cost Effective
Today schools are making constant efforts in offering more services to the children in lieu of which, they can charge hefty fees. Well, if the School has a GPS Tracking system in the buses, the management can provide a login to parents of the students to the mobile application of the software and charge some extra money for it. Surely, Parents will not say “No” for paying some money in exchange to get updates about their kid on the way. A reliable GPS Tracking system is available in market at around Rs. 6000-9000 per device.

5. In Case of a Mishap
Neither School, parents, kids or the driver is prepared for an accident. Ideally, school bus drivers take the most care while driving and picking/dropping off the kids on their stops. However, there are several cases when School bus meets with an accident and students get fatal injuries and sometimes, deaths. A GPS system cannot predict the occurrence of an accident. However, meeting safety rules and monitoring by admin can help in avoiding such situations. In case the bus meets with an accident, the reports from the GPS System can provide information such as speed of the bus and time of the accident. The GPS system also sends an SMS/email alert for every unwanted action.

CBSE made the rule of GPS compulsory in school buses in 2014. If your school bus is still running without a GPS system installed in it, you are probably violating the rule.

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