Road Rage: How Fleet Manager can help in Avoiding it?

Avoid road rage

Aggressive driving behaviors are dangerous, not only for the vehicle and its driver but also for the other passengers and vehicles on the road. It can often lead to road rage and accidents. Many times we see people on the street driving incorrectly. There can be many reasons for this bad driving behavior, but the problem is that it can be dangerous for everyone on the road.

Avoid Road Rage

For fleet and transport companies, it is very important to prevent their drivers from road rage. Companies often stuck in legal cases because of rash driving, which hurt their public image. For avoiding such incidents, a fleet manager can train their drivers and also monitor them via GPS tracking devices. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid road rage:

1. Plan before Drive: It is possible that some of your vehicles move regularly on the same routes. In this case you can estimate the required driving time. If GPS devices are installed in the vehicles, you can easily calculate the time which your drivers are spending. After calculation you can get to know the average time required for travelling. Always give some extra time to your drivers so they will not drive in a hurry and chances of road accidents can be reduced.

2. Monitor the Speed: Fleet managers can track the speed of all their vehicles at once with the help of GPS software and warn their drivers for excess speeding.

3. Patience is the Key: Most of the road accidents are caused by resentment and haste. In such scenarios, it is mandatory for fleet managers that they teach their drivers to keep patience and not to hurry and speed up in any case.

4. Test: Fleet managers should keep a track of drivers speed time to time, with this kind of interrogation and driving test, the fleet managers will get to know if any of the drivers has some aggressive driving habits.

All the above points are helpful for avoiding any unwanted incidents, but you can control only your vehicle or driver so what about the other vehicles on the road? How to escape from them because we don’t have any control on others. Here are some tips which can be applied:

1. Use horn sparingly.
2. Give plenty of room to speedy vehicles.
3. Keep patience in case of stuck behind a vehicle or not getting a pass.

Sometimes you can speed up and sometimes defensive driving is the only solution, at the end it is driver’s judiciousness. But as a fleet manager it is your responsibility to keep company vehicles and customers asset safe. Train your drivers and use some vehicle tracking tool to monitor them. Drive safely and prevent road rage.