About Us

gps software development company

Dogma Systems is an inspiration which took birth in 2008 with the motto of keeping everything safe and informed.

The business offers its clients a 360 degrees Fleet Tracking and Monitoring solution at the ease of using their mobile phone. We started our operation with Italy and now enjoying presence in many countries and in India. Dogma Systems is also a GPS software development company and we offer fleet management and gps tracking solutions.

Dogma Systems is committed to improve its offered services and products by listening to its customers and helping them evolving as better businesses.

The mission of Dogma Systems is to analyse the market needs, developing software tools and technology systems that permit to achieve concrete results and realize the aspirations of people and companies.

The company vision is to ensure that Dogma Systems can become a primary reference brand in the market, thanks to the focus of the core business and strategic levers of research, development, technology and innovation.