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Dogma Systems products are the best as a Fleet Management solution. These products are combination of an intelligent GPS Tracking device and an integrated monitoring software. Alltogether it helps our clients to keep a close look on where their vehicle is moving, the path followed by it, the speed of driving, the fuel consumption and much more.

Our software is integrated with Google Maps, so it allows you to check the minutest of the details about the location and path of the vehicle. In addition, apart from its extraordinary features, the most dynamic attribute is the Real Time Tracking by which we can get the current status of the vehicle.

We are offering two products for GPS tracking with advance features and technologies.

Products for GPS Fleet Management

MyGuardian 11

fleet management solution

Ideal for fleet management, this product is a complete solution for GPS vehicle tracking. It is small and easy to install. You can set alarms for abnormal situations like for overrunning, fuel deficiency and also can block the engine if the vehicle is misused. It becomes very easy to manage your fleet and track your vehicle for run time by using this product.

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MyGuardian 11 + OBD

It is the result of the further development of MyGuardian 11. This product is characterized by additional integration dell’OBD / CAN BUS, which allows you to control all the information of the control unit of the vehicle such as opening of the doors, the level of fuel and mileage and mach more.

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