logistics management tips

Logistics is one of the important part of supply chain management. Logistic companies are growing very fast, especially after the increase in eCommerce and online shopping. Logistics is just not about the movement of people and goods, it is more than that. Still, transportation is an important part of the business. Logistics companies are facing […]

optimizing fleet management

Fleet management and GPS Tracking go hand in hand and together can help to achieve business goals of fleet companies. Focusing in the fleet management is very important for any transport company to maximize the profit. A GPS tracking solution can provide support in the overall fleet management and give endless benefits and opportunities to […]

sherlock holmes with gps

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective character which is very popular for its observation skills, investigation and reasoning. Everyone wants to be like Sherlock to solve some mysteries and keep a close eye on the people around them. Sherlock’s popularity never faded away and his skills are still fresh and unbeaten. Well, if you are […]

GPS Tracking Device Saves Money

A fleet manager is one of the most important person for any transport, logistics and vehicle company. A fleet manager is responsible for keeping profits, maintaining day to day activities, resource allocation and vehicle safety. A GPS Tracker can help to simplify fleet manager’s tasks and improving driver’s performance. It is the best possible solution […]

recover the lost car with GPS

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate situation for everyone, especially for transport and logistic companies. Often these companies carry and deliver valuable assets so become a good option for theft. Whenever a transport vehicle has been stolen, it does not only cost for the vehicle and its driver but also the customer valuables in it. Both […]