Actual use and work hours

Actual use & Work Hours

Misuse of vehicle is a common problem with vehicle oweners and fleet managers. Byt now your driver will not be able to use the vehicle after his work hours, get all the information with MyGuardian 11 and MyGuardian 11 + OBD and stay alert.

Control Actual Use and Work Hours of your Vehicle

Dogma Guardian lets you control everything that happens with your fleet and pull out real time reports informing when and how long the vehicle has been turned On or Off, the mileage carried out in the period, who drove the vehicle and the time of drive. Hence you can trace the amount of hours worked.


Moreover, through the provided MIS, you can also keep a close eye on if the vehicle is not used after work hours negating the chance of misuse.

So just click on the Actual Use and work hours feature of our GPS Tracking Software solution and be informed for everything happening with your fleet.

Scenario: If you are an admin of a Car Rental company how will you ensure that your vehicles are only used while drivers are on duty? With the Actual use and Work hours feature of our solution, you can see if the driver is using the vehicle On-duty and not Off-duty. This way you can also check if he worked all his day hours.