The MyGuardian solution is a combination of a device and a web Based Application with ease of use from any computer/tablet/mobile.

MyGuardian solutions leverages GPS based tracking technology and fleet management software to help you Track & monitor your fleet wherever it may be and whenever you want. To keep every information at your glance, all you need is an Internet enabled PC, tablet or mobile phone to logon to our robust software. Some of the key Features of our robust solution are listed below. By just logging on the management software you can:

  • Check the location of your fleet through easy-to-view street level maps using multiple zoom levels.
  • Monitor direction and speed at which the vehicle is commuting.
  • Analyse the efficiency of comprehensive trip of each vehicle.
  • Monitor the exact path followed by the vehicle traced with timings.
  • Monitor all halts with exact time & duration and location of each halt.
  • Command the maximum halt limit at a particular point and get notified through SMS/E-mail if the waiting duration stretches beyond the defined limit.
  • Keep an eye over-speeding and alerts in case of over speeding.
  • Get Mileage report with exact log of kilometres travelled.
  • Read More Features of real time GPS in the subsequent sections…