5 Myths about Fleet Management via GPS Tracking Device

myths about fleet management

Companies which use vehicles, managing them properly is very important. Proper fleet management using a GPS tracking device can help in fleet cost reduction. Despite this fact that companies are using GPS tracking solutions for vehicle tracking, there are many who have some misconceptions about GPS tracking system. Here are the top 5 myths about fleet management and the truths behind them-

Using GPS Devices can be Expensive: Most common delusion about GPS tracking is that it is expensive to purchase and subscribe these devices. Everyone is looking for some ways which can help them without any additional charges and investments. But in fact people should understand that GPS tracking has some long term benefits. For example, it is not possible to reduce the fuel prices, but with using GPS, it is possible to monitor and control the fuel consumption. There are a huge number of other benefits like inventory protection, vehicle safety, passenger safety, easy monitoring etc.

GPS Systems are Complicated: Mostly people think that installing a GPS device and then monitor the data is quite complicated and requires some technical knowledge. People should understand that complications of a GPS device and monitoring software differ from product to product. It totally depends on the interface used by the vendor. Meanwhile, all fleet management systems are intended to save the time and can be used easily for tracking and monitoring.

Myths and Facts of Fleet Management

All GPS Devices are same: Another misconception about GPS tracking devices is that all devices have same features. And with this myth, it may be possible that one can purchase a product without any details and information. It is true that most of the devices offer same features but when we will see in depth, there are different ways to operate and show the data. Always purchase from a reputable service provider with accurate specification you require.

Small Fleet doesn’t required a GPS System: The companies with few vehicles generally avoid investing in fleet management systems. A general presumption is that small companies don’t require a GPS system, it is only for large number of vehicles. But the fact is that whether you have 10 vehicles or 100 vehicles, fleet management is important in order to manage, protect and monitor those vehicles. Fleet management system helps in the location and speed detection, path tracking, setting a path for drivers, current status information and fuel monitoring. GPS is equally helpful for small Companies.

I can use My Cell Phone for Fleet Management: It is very common myth that Cell phone is enough to track the vehicle. Many admins say that we can easily stay updated by using a cell phone and call to drivers. If you are also one of them, then try GPS device for fleet management and you will be compelled to purchase the device.

So above are some myths and facts behind fleet management and GPS tracking devices. These misconceptions should not affect fleet managers in using GPS vehicle tracking devices. Be clear about the specifications of the product and do a cost effective and easy fleet management. Stay tuned with us and feel free to contact us.