5 Major Reasons behind the Aggressive Driving

Reasons behind the aggressive driving

According to a recent survey, road accident rank as the 9th leading cause behind the human deaths globally. Lack of discipline and unnecessary anger on the road take away the lives of many people. It is important to promote disciplined driving to avoid this terrible condition. Many transports and taxi companies conduct training sessions for their drivers and encourage them to be calm and patient while driving.

Following are some important areas where most of the drivers do the mistake and reasons behind the aggressive driving. Vehicle operators should focus on these areas, while train their drivers:

1. Excessive use of Horn

Most of the vehicle drivers just love to blow their horns. Maybe they feel that their doing so can move the traffic fast. Well, this notion is just a rubbish, the fact is that blowing the horn too much can irritate the drivers and passengers in the other vehicles on the road. The situation becomes even more frightening, when drivers do not care about the hospitals and schools. Excess use of horn can become a cause of the anger on the road which should be avoided.

Horns are made for using in emergency conditions, it’s not a tool to speed up the traffic and lose your anger onto the vehicle in front of you.

2. Avoiding the Seatbelts

While most of the countries follow the seatbelt rule strictly, in some countries drivers still avoid to use the seatbelts. Especially in the case of less traffic and lower speed, drivers do not feel the need of seatbelts. For your company drivers, made it mandatory to use the seatbelt in every situation.

3. Stopping the Vehicle at Any place

Another lethal habit of most of the drivers is to drop or pick up passengers from anywhere. A driver should always load the passengers in a safely manner, and from a place where there is no chance to collide with other vehicles or passengers.

4. Using Phones while Driving

Surveys show that this is the major reason behind most of the accidents on the road. At present, everyone keeps themselves busy on their smart phones. Using the internet, calling a friend, chatting, watching videos, etc. are very common these days. Many drivers continue these activities during the driving also, which causes accidents.

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5. Changing the Lanes too often

Many people will say that what’s bad in changing the lane? Particularly in the case when the vehicle in front of you is very slow. Well, this is the reason why some cars hit others from rear end, especially when without using right signals to inform that you are switching your lane.

It is true that road accidents can happen anytime, but by avoiding the aggressive driving we can avoid unpleasant situations on the road.