5 Uses of GPS Tracking System for Sales Staff

GPS Tracking System for Sales Staff

Most of the businesses have a separate sales team, which goes outside of the office to create leads and finding new business opportunities. Generally, sales team has a lot of freedom as they are often out of the office. It is very difficult for companies to find out their time spent on various activities and sometimes sales persons take advantage of this. GPS Tracking device is the best solution to verify their work and manage it in the best way. It is helpful for both, the company and sales team.

Here are 5 benefits of GPS tracking device for managing sales team-

1. Improved Productivity

GPS tracker can help in producing more results from the sales team. The management can send the locations and shortest routes to the team and see their locations. By installing the GPS tracking devices in sales team vehicles, you can easily analyze the paths, speed, locations and halts which is very useful to get efficient results from the team. It would result in better driving habits and work ethics.

2. Fuel and Mileage Reimbursements

One of the major tasks for the management is to pay the fuel reimbursements. In many companies, sales people use their own vehicles to work and in such scenario, it is very difficult for the management to know that how much fuel is used for the customer visits. A GPS tracking system makes it very easy to get the exact data of company usages and fuel reimbursements. In this way, there is no worry to overpay sales people.

3. Monitor Real Time Locations

The GPS tracking system provides the real-time updates which helps in managing the sales team. You can see the amount of time they spend with the client and the current location helps in identifying that the sales person is working for the company. It also helps in allocation of new customers to meet by finding their current location. For example, if the company has an urgent request and needs a sales person to attend the client, you can see the nearest member of the team.

4. Manage Sales Territories

Many GPS tracking devices have features like Geo fencing and Auto fencing. This feature is very useful to set the sales territories. Sometimes the sales person misuses the vehicle or meeting time for their personal work which you can’t easily identify. By installing a GPS device, you can set a geographical location and whenever the vehicle will move out from the pre-defined location, you will get notified. In this way, it is easy to know that the sales person is in his territory or not.

5. Safety

The most important factor is safety. The GPS device ensures the safety of the vehicle as well as the sales person. You can quickly locate the employees and send them help. On the other hand, the sales person does not need to worry as the management knows their status and position.

A GPS Tracking device helps the company to set a budget for vehicle usages in advance, based on the statistics and improving the performance of employees. Contact us for more details about GPS solution and its usages.