Save your Business Money in 2016 with GPS

Save your money with GPS

Business owners and fleet managers are making new strategies and plans for growth and success in 2016. If we talk about the transport industry then fuel saving, maintenance, vehicle monitoring and employee performance are some of the most concerned areas. If you are looking for more profit and growth in this year, then use GPS fleet management.

How to Save your Money with GPS Tracking?
We all have heard about the GPS devices, but many of us consider it is only a way to find out the path and track the drivers. Very few people are aware with the fact that GPS navigation and GPS tracking devices are two different solutions having different purposes and specifications. Unlike GPS navigation, GPS tracking has a wide list of features and advantages which helps a vehicle company to earn more.

GPS tracking device can be used for complete fleet management and monitoring. Let’s see how GPS can help your company to earn more this year.

GPS tracking solution can reduce the excess costs for businesses-

Fuel Management & Saving: In any transport company major budget is spent on the fuel. By using GPS tracking device in company vehicles, fleet managers can drastically reduce this budget by using the most appropriate route, eliminating unnecessary mileage, reducing idle time and restricting vehicle only for required areas.
Driver Performance: Drivers are the backbone of any transportation industry. The GPS tracking solution is the best way for measuring the driver performance. Fleet telematics allow managers to continuously view and measure the performance of the driver.

Improve Maintenance: With continuous monitoring and updated fleet report, fleet managers can provide the proper maintenance and also can reduce downtime by preemptive scheduling vehicle maintenance.

Reduce Delay Time: The GPS tracking solution is helpful in dealing with delay time. The fleet admin can get the actual exact location and in the case of any emergency, he can send the assistance to the vehicle.

Improve Safety: For any business or organization, safety of their clients, employees and assets is very important. The GPS tracking device offers you many features for ensuring the safety. By real time tracking you can get the current position of the car while by other features like accident detection, SMS and alert services, speed monitoring and Geo fencing the safety measures can be improved.

Improve Response Time for Customers: Client satisfaction plays an important role in making a long term relationship with clients as well as in improving company’s brand value. For transport industry all the clients look for either security or timely services. With GPS both can be ensured. We can inform the most accurate details about the vehicle and in case of emergency fleet admin can get information via GPS software and send the assistance to place. All these activities help in building client trust and better response time.

You can use Dogma Guardian GPS tracking solution having all the advance features for complete vehicle monitoring and fleet management.
So this year use GPS in your vehicles and increase the profit margin of your company.