Some Great Ideas to Improve Driver Retention

improve driver retention

For a truck company or fleet industry, drivers are one of the most important resources. So it is important to make them happy and recognize their good work for the encouragement and retention of drivers. But the fact is that most of the time, fleet owners just ignore the contribution of drivers in the growth of the business, whereas when something goes wrong with the vehicle we never forget to blame drivers. As a result, there is apathy in the driver and they never connect with the business and its vision and always ready to leave, if they find opportunity.

It is important to understand that drivers are an important part of any fleet or transport business. It is the responsibility of a fleet owner to retain their excellent drivers. Here are some tips to make your drivers stable:

Ask about their Requirement: Do some conversation with your drivers regularly and try to find out their experience about the work and any kind of assistance they need. Such kind of conversation builds confidence in the drivers and they feel connected with the company.

Analyze the Performance: Normally, managers analyze the performance of their team members but in case of drivers, it is very rare. It is good for fleet managers to analyze the performance of drivers. Fleet companies use GPS and fleet management device and it can be used to evaluate driver’s performance. You can track the average speed, delivery time, path, mileage and fuel usages for a particular vehicle and measure the performance of individual drivers.

Give some Flexibility: Balancing the work and personal life is very important for everyone and so for the drivers. Often it is found that drivers spend most of the time on the road. This can be very frustrating for them. By giving more flexibility to drivers, a fleet manager can retain them for longer time. A good break between two trips is helpful in smooth driving.

Offer Employee Benefits: Try to offer most of the employee benefits to your drivers for example – Insurance policies, yearly bonus etc. It boosts the interest in drivers.

Appreciation and Incentives: Appreciation shows a value and respect for someone’s efforts. Appreciate if someone work and put efforts beyond their comfort zone and reward with incentives or prizes. This will encourage others also to improve.

Apart from above, there are many other ways also, to keep your drivers satisfied and happy. A GPS tracking solution can help managers track the performance of drivers by its fleet data.

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