5 Qualities of a Good Fleet Manager

qualities of a fleet manager

As a fleet manager there are several qualities which can make you special and valuable to your company. Here are 5 major qualities of a fleet manager which makes them best at their work:

Proper Scheduling and resource management:

Scheduling of resources plays an important role in the fleet industry. It is important to keep information about every vehicle and its position so that proper allocation can be done for every new request. A good fleet manager always knows that which vehicle needs to be allocated at what time and this decision actually helps in the improvement of the business.

Keep Focus on Maintenance:

Maintenance of vehicles is as important as other tasks. A vehicle in good condition not only performs well but also decrease the chances of late delivery and accidents. For a good fleet manager, it is important to inspect vehicles regularly and servicing on proper time. It increases the life of the car, saves fuel and provide a good mileage. A good fleet manager understands the fact that maintenance is a long term cost saving.

Analyze Driver Performance:

We have a few clients who incentivize drivers for benefiting an occupation – whether this be fuel proficient operation or routinely performing vehicle reviews. Analyzing driver performance is helpful, not only for the benefit of the business, but also for the drivers. When a manager trust their drivers, they can give them important responsibilities when required. It is only possible when a fleet manager will have a complete idea about the performance of every driver. It is also helpful in developing better driving trends.

Safety is Important:

The fleet industry’s biggest nightmare is accidents and other road incidents which not only affect the company financially but can also hurt the employees. Often fleet and rental companies get stuck in fake allegations due to these accidents. Hence ensuring security is very important.

A good fleet manager keeps a close eye on each and every vehicle and track the speed and driver performance. Various tools like GPS trackers and vehicle monitoring software assists in this task. Fleet managers can warn their drivers for rash driving and over speeding. In this way safety can be assured to a larger extent.

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Training and Encouragement:

Proper training is important for employees for their betterment and professional attitude. Same thing applies on fleet industry also. A professionally trained driver and other staff can perform in the best way for the company. It is the responsibility of a fleet manager to train their drivers and motivate them for a good piece of work. It makes employees or drivers more responsible about their work and they feel their value to the organization.

So these are some key points for fleet managers by which they can help their business and their employees both.